The Battle for the Ultimate Champions Title Begins This Saturday, March 24, 2018.

UCL Playoffs Time

The playoff bracket is here!  “Let’s get ready to… rumble!”  Teams have been itching to go face to face and compete for the chance to go into the finals the following week.  The two top teams which are the And 1 and the B2F Lions will both have a bye in the 1st round while the four remaining teams will battle in the first round to face the two top teams.  We’ll wee see another instant classic playoff games and upsets or will the two top teams dominate the table? The defending Saturday champions, the Rosewood Raptors, will once again come from a tough position and climb themselves back up to the top.  This team sure does like to earn its stripes!

The championship is held on March 31st preceded by the UCL All-Star Game and a half-time show provided by Dashaun Berry’s Youth Hip Hop Class Presented by Jr RTE Sports!  Bring your children and watch Dashaun’s kids perform!  Your kids may even get a chance to win some prizes or a free Hip Hop session.  For any questions regarding the youth hip-hop dance classes, feel free to message Dashaun Berry on his Facebook page or call him at 936-217-6676.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3