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RTE Sports is a nonprofit 501c3 sports company with a social purpose

we aim to make a positive impact on our community and the lives of the youth and young adults through sports.

We offer adult leagues in the sport of basketball and flag football where we strive to provide a positive and family-friendly environment where our players would want to bring all of their family members to their games.  The proceeds from our adult leagues support our youth and young adults community outreach programs.

Our youth programs focus on the youth’s total development in three primary ability areas:

cognition, physical, and skills.

We have different programs tailored to specific age groups and skill levels in the sport of basketball and football.

However, all of our programs have the same mission

Use athletics to instill leadership and inspire the youth to rise up to their absolute potential in everything they do.

Advertise with us and accomplish two things:

  1. Social purpose
  2. Business Marketing

We would love to hear from you and discuss this further.  Please contact us anytime via email:  info@rte-sports or phone:  281-803-9244