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Player Rankings may change as their weekly game stats are uploaded.

NOTE:  If you know you’re ballin’ and you’re not showing up on the list, please let us know, bec there may be an error.  Help us help you by making sure that you’re name and number is the same on the stat software and please give us first an d last name.  

We use the NBA EFF formula to create our power ranking of our players per league.  To compensate for the small sample of games per season, we modified the formula to complement our league’s structure.


How do many NBA coaches quickly evaluate a player’s game performance? They check his efficiency.  It is used as a tool to calculate the overall value of a player.  The composite statistic is derived by using the formula below with our RTE’s variables incorporated in the formula.

NBA EFF-Q = (((PTS×+OREB+DREB+(AST×2)+(STL×2)+(BLK×2)+(DEF×2)+(CHG×2))−((FGA−FGM)+(FTA−FTM)+TO+PF))÷Played)×(Played≥4)

Player A435-227-98630417
Player B295-83-44700215

Player A had a better game, right? Not exactly. Player B, who shot 5-8 from the field and committed two turnovers, registered a +20 efficiency total while Player A, who shot 5-22 from the field and committed four turnovers, posted a +11.

To qualify for our final power rankings and the leaderboard at the end of the season, you must play a minimum of four games.  The top 3 highest rated players are MVP candidates and the top 12 are the league season’s All-Stars.  The rated 13-16 players are All-Star alternates.


The “No 1 Player” is the league’s top ranked player based on the NBA EFF-Q and will be one of the league’s MVP candidate.  The others are the top player in each statistical category.


League’s Top Ranked Players (Based on EFF)


1usaGerry GloverSG148.5766.6746.8810.
2usaDestin BealSF260.870.0058.3315.
3usaShivon WesleyPG251.2866.6725.
4usaSherm FelderSG156.2533.3337.5010.
5usaShaune GriffinPG260.0070.0040.
6usaGabe JohnsonSG254.0533.3358.825.
7usaSage MaloneSF152.94100.0016.674.
8usaDarnelle CooperC177.780.000.0015.
9usaAntonio HuntPG254.8433.3320.0011.
10Marcus MilnerSF252.17100.0033.339.
11usaCory ClowdySF241.9458.3326.6710.
12usaJason McNeeseJason McNeeseC278.9557.
13usaDeshaun LowerySF253.850.0044.448.
14usaGabriel SeverinoPG240.0077.7825.
15usaShawn HughesSF262.5058.3337.506.
16usaDavid RobinsPF253.57100.0054.555.
17usaAaron HarrisSG264.00100.0050.
18usaSir Horace SaulsberryC256.2550.0050.
19usaRod BellardPG244.4488.8928.574.
20usaRaciane RideauxPF250.0075.
21usaDhunta WyattSG255.560.0030.
22usaMonte BienvenueSG141.1880.0016.674.
23usaDeminique HarrisonPG241.9422.
24usaKen FisherC150.
25usaHamzah KhanPG257.1461.540.
26usaJohn ColemanPF142.86100.00100.
27usaBryan LehmannSG230.3080.0020.
28usaBrian BrownPF252.94100.
29usaDashaun BerryPG258.3350.0066.672.
30usaDevalin DavisPF142.86100.0033.330.
31usaCarlos DelatorreSG235.7160.0036.364.
32usaBurdest JenkingsSF162.500.
33usaArt SmithSF235.0020.0010.
34usaMajd AqylPF255.5633.3325.
35usaOdis GrayPF133.3350.
36usaKay ReedPG144.4466.6750.
37usaCramuel HarlanSG1100.
38usaGerry MickersPF133.3350.0040.
39usaBishop OzanPG141.670.0028.574.
40usaJessie JacksonSF235.7175.0030.
41usaJohn LolioC122.
42usaSarmad AnsariSG175.
43Jarvis WilliamsSG238.460.0012.503.
44usaMitchell ShawPF253.850.
45usaTrey WinneSG221.4366.670.
46usaLeQuenton CarruthSG225.00100.0021.
47usaMohammad SiddiquiPF120.
48usaCedrick MadisonPG133.330.0042.862.
49usaAli AbdelrahmanC250.00100.0040.
50usaMichael RossPF228.570.0020.
51usaMarc TylerSF2100.000.00100.
52usaZaigham ButtSF228.57100.0033.332.
53usaJohnathan ShirleyPF122.
54usaRobert PerezPF150.000.00100.
55usaDevin GutierrezSG230.0050.0030.
56usaJeff HendrickC20.
57usaBrent HopsonC220.000.0020.
58usaClaude HarperPF216.670.
59usaTray BerrySG20.
60usaAJ ParrishPF10.
61usaFaisal SeeharC133.330.
62usaDavid DudleyPF20.
63usaDevin BealDevin BealPF00.
64usaJermaine WilliamsJermaine WilliamsC00.
65Carvelle MartinSG00.
66usaJason O’BryantSG00.
67usaGeorge JacksonC00.
68usaTone NesbittSG00.
69usaCanel ColeCanel ColeC00.
70usaJosh RodriguezSG00.
71usaJonathan ConnerSF00.
72usaAndrew FlintPG00.
73usaCory HavardSG00.
74usaDuke RobertsSF10.
75usaMike McClainSG00.
76usaChris CollierPF00.
77usaKelton PolkSG00.
78usaTJ JeffersonSF00.
79usaDajon RileySF00.
80usaBobby MyresBobby MyresPF00.
81usaScott FisherPF, SF00.
82usaCorvest ThompsonPF00.
83usaDominique ShawPF00.
84usaArron WelchSF00.
85usaKen KiserC00.
86usaErin EagletonErin EagletonC, PF00.
87usaMark KovachC00.
88usaDave ThreattC00.
89usaAnthony BrownSG10.
90usaAnthony WileyPF212.50100.
91usaEthan LambSG114.290.0016.671.
92usaTrevor ShearerTrevor ShearerPF10.

Leading Scorer


RankPlayerTeamPositionPTSGPPGNBA EFF
1usaGerry GloverSG51151.046.00
2usaShaune Griffin