League Features

The Basics

  • 1 PreSeason Game
  • 6/7 Regular Season Games (the number depends on the number of teams)
  • Playoffs
  • Championship Game
  • Prizes
  • Plus Extras Not Covered by Your Fee (Scroll down to learn more)
  • NOTE:  Ref fees are NOT included in the registration fee and are paid weekly by the teams ($20/team)

Livestream Games

Our games are live streamed and saved on our Facebook and YouTube pages.  The beauty of this is that any of your friends and family members can watch you play anywhere and anytime.   And when you’re done with your playing career, you can always look back, watch your past games and reminisce.  Or show your children how good you were in you prime days!

RTE Sports Stats

Stats Leaderboards

  • Overall Ranking Player
  • Top Scorer
  • Top Floor General (Assists)
  • Top Cookie Snatcher (Steals)
  • Top Rebounder
  • Top No Fly Zone Commander (Shot Blocks)
RTE Player Stats

Comprehensive Stats

Your stats are recorded and saved as

  • Per League
  • Per Season
  • Per Career
RTE Power Rankings

Player Profile

Feel like a pro without the millions!  😉  Leave your mark on our site with your own stats and see what your eventual career stats will be when you retire.

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The Prizes

  • The Champs receive 50% Off of their next season’s league fee.
  • Individual Championship Trophies
  • Championship T-Shirts
  • League MVP Trophy
RTE Championship Prizes

Extras That Your Fees Don't Cover

  • Digital and Media Showcase
  • Championship T-Shirts
  • Media and Photography Work
  • Player and/or team photos/posters, etc.
  • Plus more.
RTE Digital Graphics




Play On Us 2020 Fundraising

Play On Us 2020DONATION LINK: https://rte-sports.com/blog/campaigns/play-on-us/"Youth sports are feeling the impact of rising U.S. inequality, with the new research finding that middle-class and poor children are dropping out due to cost."The income disparity in youth athletics has effects on health and success that stretch far into adulthood. We want to do our part in helping face this challenge by taking our Play On Us program to the next level in 2020. Our goal is to provide free sports programs that focus on developing 3 primary key ability areas: skills, physical, and most importantly, cognition for the "At Risk" and the underserved youth and teens. Programs for young adults are included, as well, with our 2020 Play On Us Project. In order to accomplish this goal successfully and build a solid base for long-term growth and effectiveness, we need operating funds to hire the right and qualified people as well as be able to pay the expenses to "keep the lights on".This is where we hope you can help us with a minimal financial burden. We ask you for support by doing only three things:1) Donate a minimum of $12) Share to your social network3) And encourage your family and friends to do the same.For your peace of mind, EVERY dollar donated goes toward the RTE Sports' 2020 goals and mission. An oversight committee or staff will be formed to assure that RTE Sports' integrity, character, and purpose are practiced and carried thru. Lastly, we're a 501c3 Nonprofit Company with a Social Purpose so your donation is tax deductible . For more details on our 2020 Play On Us project, we will be creating a section on our website dedicated to providing you all of the information you need as well as the progress of our Play On Us 2020 programs. Please "like" or subscribe to our Facebook pages and our website.Thank you in advance and let's make a difference together!SincerelyRandall SpeirFounderRTE SportsDONATION LINK: https://rte-sports.com/blog/campaigns/play-on-us/ — at Road To Elite Sports.To Learn More About Why I'm Passionate About RTE Sports and Its Mission, please visit the following link: https://rte-sports.com/about/

Posted by RTE-Sports Houston on Monday, October 28, 2019

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