We Are Looking For Talented Interns!

We are looking to grow our team with talented and driven staff and interns who share our energy and enthusiasm for creating the best experience for our customers.

RTE Sports is a sports company with a social purpose. RTE Sports aims to make a positive impact in our community and the lives of kids and young adults through sports.

The goal of this internship program is to provide opportunities for motivated individuals, HS, and college students to gain experience, and learn or develop new skills. The environment’s intent is to encourage and develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills while emphasizing accountability and team collaboration with the hope of helping them discover their passions and choice of career paths. We will start with forming one team focused on producing one event successfully within a specific time frame. Another team may be formed simultaneously if there are enough interested members.

It is our goal to facilitate and lower the learning curves of the positions they have while working alongside with them. If time permits, each coordinator will conduct an educational presentation about the skills they learned from the position each one held. The goal is two-fold: gain presentation experience and for the rest of the group to gain some knowledge about every position. Key Performance Indicators will be in place to track progress.

LONG TERM GOAL: To create an economic ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. Retain and develop talent in the sporting events production and management industry and Implement incentives to foster motivation, inspiration and drive in the interns as they help grow RTE Sports.

We look for individuals with knowledge and the combination of skills, personal traits, and attitudes. They include:

· Well-organized
· Courteous
· Reliable
· Strong work ethic
· Productivity
· Professionalism
· Problem-solving, Resourcefulness, and critical thinking skills
· Good technical, interpersonal and communication skills
· Customer focus
· Discretion
· Multitasking ability
· Teamwork and collaboration skills

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