Hoop Dreams Are Going to the “Ship”

What a game by Jose JJ Junior who led his team with a few threes, rebounds, and steals.  It was the first time we saw this side of JJ where he had been a no-show on some of their games.  Alan Puckett, aka Dan Majerle, aka Thunder Dan, was present and performed as expected which always produced a win for the Hoop Dreams.  This championship match-up versus the Kryptonite team should go down to the last second for the win.  We expect a battle both in the paint and in the perimeter as both teams appear to be evenly matched.  The Hoop Dreams took the win in their game during the regular season.  We will see if the Kryptonites will even the series along with the championship title or will the Hoop Dreams achieve what ballers often dream about which is win a championship.  Watch them live on our Facebook page, @RoadToEliteSports, or come to CK Ray Rec Center and watch in person.