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Why are the referee fees paid separately and by each team?

  • The league fee’s price point does not allow us to afford two qualified referees to officiate your games.  If you doubt this statement, please do your research and do the math.  If you find the formula that shows us how we can afford it and still makes good business sense, then we will apply it and we’ll pay for your league fees for one year.
  • Moreover, we re-invest the small revenue that the league makes back into improving our services to you such as the technology and equipment we use, as well as, back into our community in every which way we can.  We’re a non-profit 501c3 organization.
  • Based on market comparison, you still get a lot more for your money by playing in RTE.  We encourage you to do your own research to appreciate what you get from RTE.

How to pay the cheaper league fee?

“like” our Facebook Page to receive notifications of the promotional offer period for each upcoming league and pay during the discount period.  Don’t procrastinate and wait to pay full price. Your payment is fully refundable up to the 1st week of the season.  So you have nothing lose.  Even though we’ve made concessions in the past, we are working to eliminate this to help us improve the overall service we provide to you.

Brand New!  Join our Players Rewards Program!  It’s free to sign up and you receive instant discounts and points!

Why are some people banned from or kicked out of the league?

We’re determined  to establish a culture of hoopers’  fraternity and a family friendly league where we want our players to want to bring their whole family and friends to watch them play.  We want to promote an atmosphere filled with positive and playful energy and a hoopers’  community of like-minded individuals.  With that said, you will be banned or get kicked out of the league if you are a repeat offender of the following: (the list below does not encompass everything)

    • Act entitled and be disrespectful to the staff, the players, the players’  families, and the officials.  You will be given 2 warnings (verbal and written) for your behavior.  If we have to give you the 3rd warning, then you’re no longer welcome in RTE.
    • Fighting
    • Be shady and slick by not trying to pay
    • Be shady in nature
    • You’re a nuisance and play the victim mentality.
    • You blame the league, the refs, the weather, the temperature in the gym, etc for losing the game but you never blame yourself or hold yourself accountable.
    • You think you ‘re in the NBA and act as if your poop doesn’t stink.

Depending on the severity of your actions, you may not be given a warning.  It is up to the discretion of the league Commissioner.

Listen, just follow the golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated and you’re good as gold!

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