6/15/18 Recreational League Recap: Heatwave Setting League on Fire

As we get closer and closer to the playoffs in the Friday night Recreational League, things are starting to heat up, especially for the Heatwave. Three games were played on Friday, and while there will be more on the Heatwave below, the first game saw 3s Company take on the FA Alliance.

FA Alliance (65) vs. 3s Company (45)

This game will officially go down as a win for 3s Company by forfeit as FA Alliance didn’t have enough players. However, at RTE Sports, that doesn’t stop us from playing ball! 3s Company lent the FA Alliance a couple players, and we still had a game.

Both teams were energized, flying up and down the court. When teams play this fast, who needs a shot clock? Leading the way for the FA Alliance was Rock Hadnot, who had 24 points. Also helping was Christian Spears, scoring 17 points and adding 5 rebounds while shooting 7/8 from the field. The FA Alliance shot 9/19 from three-point land in the game.

3s Company was led by the 13 points of Jonathan Ramsey and 12 by Reggie Sampson. They played with a lot of heart, but the FA Alliance built a big lead early and was able to maintain it for a 65-45 win.

Heatwave (107) vs. Pump & Run (58)

Next up was the Heatwave taking on Pump & Run. The Heatwave started out strong out of the gates, heating triple after triple. Their unselfish playstyle led to 26 assists in the game and looked much like the Warriors. By the end of the 1st quarter, they already led 36-19.

Running with just five players, their conditioning held up as well, as they were able to continue their fast-paced offense and strong shooting throughout the game. Monte Bienvenue had a ridiculous performance, scoring 46 points, including 26 in the first half, equaling Pump & Run. He was able to knock down six threes while also scoring inside and getting to the free throw line.

Give Pump & Run credit, though. They never slowed down either, and actually outscored Heatwave 20-13 in the 3rd quarter. Cody Courtney led the way with 18 points, including a four-point play.

However, Heatwave just continued to pour in bucket after bucket. De’Valin Davis had 25 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 7 steals, and Brandon Richardson added 18 points. Heatwave won a blowout, 107-58.

Toss It Up (52) vs. Task Force Jammers (46)

The last game a slower, more defensive-focused game between Toss It Up and the Task Force Jammers. Both teams were physical, making it difficult on each other, which is reflected in the shooting percentages. At halftime, the Task Force Jammers led 22-21.

For the Jammers, Darnell Cooper was the big man down low, finishing with 9 points and leading the game with 8 rebounds. The team had a very balanced scoring approach. Kevin Phillips had 12, James Williams had 9, and Isaiah Reed had 8.

For Toss It Up, Marcus Milner carried a heavy load with 20, while Dimmick Guidry added 13. The game was close throughout, but Toss It Up started the 4th quarter on a 6-0 run, which ended up being the difference. They came out on top, 52-46.

Coming Up:

Just two weeks are left in the regular season. Here is the game schedule for this upcoming Friday at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.

5:30 – FA Alliance vs. Pump & Run

6:30 – Basic Fundamentals vs. 3s Company

7:30 – FA Alliance vs. Task Force Jammers

8:30 – Toss It Up vs. Tyrants