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Play On Us 2020 Fundraising

Play On Us 2020DONATION LINK:"Youth sports are feeling the impact of rising U.S. inequality, with the new research finding that middle-class and poor children are dropping out due to cost."The income disparity in youth athletics has effects on health and success that stretch far into adulthood. We want to do our part in helping face this challenge by taking our Play On Us program to the next level in 2020. Our goal is to provide free sports programs that focus on developing 3 primary key ability areas: skills, physical, and most importantly, cognition for the "At Risk" and the underserved youth and teens. Programs for young adults are included, as well, with our 2020 Play On Us Project. In order to accomplish this goal successfully and build a solid base for long-term growth and effectiveness, we need operating funds to hire the right and qualified people as well as be able to pay the expenses to "keep the lights on".This is where we hope you can help us with a minimal financial burden. We ask you for support by doing only three things:1) Donate a minimum of $12) Share to your social network3) And encourage your family and friends to do the same.For your peace of mind, EVERY dollar donated goes toward the RTE Sports' 2020 goals and mission. An oversight committee or staff will be formed to assure that RTE Sports' integrity, character, and purpose are practiced and carried thru. Lastly, we're a 501c3 Nonprofit Company with a Social Purpose so your donation is tax deductible . For more details on our 2020 Play On Us project, we will be creating a section on our website dedicated to providing you all of the information you need as well as the progress of our Play On Us 2020 programs. Please "like" or subscribe to our Facebook pages and our website.Thank you in advance and let's make a difference together!SincerelyRandall SpeirFounderRTE SportsDONATION LINK: — at Road To Elite Sports.To Learn More About Why I'm Passionate About RTE Sports and Its Mission, please visit the following link:

Posted by RTE-Sports Houston on Monday, October 28, 2019

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Masters Fall 2019 Leaderboards


Player Rankings may change as their weekly game stats are uploaded.

NOTE:  If you know you’re ballin’ and you’re not showing up on the list, please let us know, bec there may be an error.  Help us help you by making sure that you’re name and number is the same on the stat software and please give us first an d last name.  

We use the NBA EFF formula to create our power ranking of our players per league.  To compensate for the small sample of games per season, we modified the formula to complement our league’s structure.


How do many NBA coaches quickly evaluate a player’s game performance? They check his efficiency.  It is used as a tool to calculate the overall value of a player.  The composite statistic is derived by using the formula below with our RTE’s variables incorporated in the formula.

NBA EFF-Q = (((PTS×+OREB+DREB+(AST×2)+(STL×2)+(BLK×2)+(DEF×2)+(CHG×2))−((FGA−FGM)+(FTA−FTM)+TO+PF))÷Played)×(Played≥4)

Player A435-227-98630417
Player B295-83-44700215

Player A had a better game, right? Not exactly. Player B, who shot 5-8 from the field and committed two turnovers, registered a +20 efficiency total while Player A, who shot 5-22 from the field and committed four turnovers, posted a +11.

To qualify for our final power rankings and the leaderboard at the end of the season, you must play a minimum of four games.  The top 3 highest rated players are MVP candidates and the top 12 are the league season’s All-Stars.  The rated 13-16 players are All-Star alternates.


The “No 1 Player” is the league’s top ranked player based on the NBA EFF-Q and will be one of the league’s MVP candidate.  The others are the top player in each statistical category.


League’s Top Ranked Players (Based on EFF)

Overall Top Player Ranking Masters 35P Fall 2019

1usaMaurice NelsonMaurice NelsonSF663.1148.1532.659.
2crcKay MartinezSF166.670.0050.
3usaTerimus BrothersPF386.360.0017.
4usaJohn LolioC660.9870.0037.506.
5Mike JonesPF655.2956.5243.
6usaPatrick Johnson Sr.PG461.540.0057.
7usaMarcus WashingtonSF456.8250.0050.
8usaSimon MannSF163.64100.
9usaJason O’BryantSG553.9760.0048.941.
10usaAlbert PenaSG550.6580.0054.354.
11Ron SlowmoPF656.2556.2546.885.
12usaDevin GreenDevin GreenSG660.8788.8930.
13usaAntoine FletcherPG661.5461.9123.614.
14usaJason McNeeseJason McNeeseC654.5560.
15usaKenny LaguerreC355.5675.0050.
16usaRoger MartinezRoger MartinezC, PF557.1454.550.
17usaKent FisherKent FisherC658.0062.5061.545.
18usaByron HobbsC641.1842.860.0012.
19usaJohn HarrisC757.5075.008.345.
20usaScott ReadSG654.6775.0048.
21usaPat McCormmackPatrick MccormackPF657.7825.0062.505.
22usaAndre KellySF647.7360.0015.
23usaArtis WarrenSG641.5640.0043.755.
24usaAndre HendersonAndre HendersonPG647.5462.5050.
25usaJermaine KelleyC468.0012.500.
26usaKevin PorterSG365.0050.0044.444.
27usaCorvest ThompsonPF567.5760.0050.
28usaSteve FranksC648.0058.3343.335.
29usaDamien HarrisPF633.330.0020.
30usaKesnet PetitmatSG440.91100.0028.575.
31usaNicholas GibbsNicholas GibbsSG535.71100.0021.
32usaTrevor ShearerTrevor ShearerPF550.0066.6740.742.
33Damien JonesPF643.4850.0027.
34Arthur Pope546.8150.0041.675.
35usaJuan SanchezJuan SanchezPF541.6766.6740.
36usaPatrick DanielsC545.7171.430.
37usaLouis LeggettSF647.9275.0033.333.
38usaRashad StevensonPG737.6561.5438.712.
39Allan McFarlane632.6971.4327.
40usaAdam FaderSG340.00100.0036.
41usaMick McGrew637.5071.4338.
42usaJermaine WilliamsJermaine WilliamsC642.8666.6733.336.
43usaMichael GonzalesSG653.8588.2440.
44crcVik MadrigalSG238.46100.0025.
45usaSteve ArceSteve ArceSF552.9450.
46usaRandy LylesPG662.0750.0046.
47usaJose RodriguezJose RodriguezSG541.6760.0043.333.
48Frank Utley542.42100.0037.931.
49usaMike JaramilloMike JaramilloSG345.4560.0047.372.
50Kesnet PetitmetSG531.7581.8223.533.
51usaDerrick CalvertDerrick Calvert442.8616.6714.
52Luis RabinesPF245.4550.0042.861.
53usaClarence BainesClarence BainesSF652.940.0025.
54usaBrent HopsonC566.67100.0066.672.
55usaDavid HudgensPF942.860.0036.362.
56usaHoward WilkesHoward WilkesPG429.41100.0020.
57usaVerdahl YeldellVerdahl YeldellC641.6725.0012.504.
58usaTee Leavy544.4466.6720.
59usaMeloCarmelo PinaSG526.3250.0027.782.
60Clifford Hooks125.0075.00100.
61braJansen OliveiraC350.000.0033.332.
62usaPatrick CofieldC644.0066.6718.
63usaAndre FletcherSG638.890.0025.
64mexJose CortezSF633.3350.0018.753.
65usaAlex OrtizAlex OrtizSF626.67100.0021.433.
66usaRonnie LedayPF257.140.00100.
67usaRyan LewitzSF428.570.0016.673.
68usaDaMarcus BraxtonDeMarcus BraxtonSG531.2562.500.
69Joshua JosephPF446.6766.6728.572.
70Prince Owens722.
71usaEddie Williams442.310.0050.
72Jason EisnerSF133.330.00100.
73usaPaul SolanoPF525.0050.0033.332.
75usaTheo MontaguePF530.430.0022.
76usaWesley Peters530.000.0029.410.
77usaMarq PopePF512.50100.
78Kenneth Jones721.740.0013.331.
79mexOracio Cortez522.730.

Leading Scorer

Scoring Leader Masters 35P Fall 2019

1usaMaurice NelsonMaurice NelsonSF663.1148.1532.659.
2Mike JonesPF655.2956.5243.
3usaAlbert PenaSG550.6580.0054.354.
4usaJason O’BryantSG553.9760.0048.941.
5crcKay MartinezSF166.670.0050.
6usaScott ReadSG654.6775.0048.
7usaSimon MannSF163.64100.
8usaTerimus BrothersPF386.360.0017.
9Ron SlowmoPF656.2556.2546.885.
10Allan McFarlane632.6971.4327.
11usaMarcus WashingtonSF456.8250.0050.
12usaMick McGrew637.5071.4338.
13usaAntoine FletcherPG661.5461.9123.614.
14Damien JonesPF643.4850.0027.
15usaRoger MartinezRoger MartinezC, PF557.1454.550.
16usaRashad StevensonPG737.6561.5438.712.
17usaAndre KellySF647.7360.0015.
18usaArtis WarrenSG641.5640.0043.755.
19usaAdam FaderSG340.00100.0036.
20usaKent FisherKent Fisher